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Pinnacle CTS – Scaling New Heights with SetUpShopOnline’s Strategic SEO Approach

Pinnacle Cooling Tower Service (Pinnacle CTS) is a mechanical contracting company based out of the state of New Jersey, that specializes in the cleaning, preventative maintenance, and repairs of all makes and models of cooling towers, and serves the greater tri-state area (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut). Pinnacle CTS has been a trusted provider of cooling tower cleaning, repair, maintenance, and installation services since its inception. Over the years, the company has managed to build a solid reputation due to quality work and their overall customer satisfaction. Despite Pinnacle CTS being a leading company in the northeastern United States, it was not spared from the industry that was becoming increasingly competitive and specialized. Overtime, it became evident that Pinnacle CTS was struggling to attract new customers and generate leads online despite their expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence. Pinnacle CTS’s management, understood standing out from the crowd was not going to be an easy feat, especially, with the saturated and fiercely competitive market landscape. For this reason, the company’s management recognized the need to boost the company’s online presence and lead generation.

Pinnacle CTS reached out to SetUpShopOnline, a digital marketing and app development agency with a proven track record of propelling businesses online to greater heights. Pinnacle CTS’s partnership with SetUpShopOnline marked the beginning of a transformative journey. The journey did not only revolutionize Pinnacle CTS’s online presence but also unlocked Pinnacle CTS’s true growth potential.

To learn more, read the rest of this case study to find out how SetUpShopOnline has helped, and is still helping Pinnacle CTS grow its business over the past four years through digital marketing strategies and comprehensive SEO optimization.

The Humble Beginnings: A Broken Contact Us Form

A simple act of kindness sowed the seeds of fruitful collaboration with Pinnacle CTS. It all started when Pinnacle CTS reached out to SetUpShopOnline for assistance with their contact form which was not sending emails to their inbox. Without hesitation, the SetUpShopOnline team resolved the problem, quickly and easily, and free of charge, demonstrating our commitment to customer service and attention to detail. SetUpShopOnline saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and professionalism and it seems like this strategy left a lasting impression on Pinnacle CTS. Pinnacle CTS understood SetUpShopOnline is here to help and goes above and beyond what is asked. Soon after, Pinnacle CTS entrusted SetUpShopOnline with its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts and other marketing strategies, and this marked the start of a long-term partnership and relationship that is bearing fruit for Pinnacle CTS to this day.

When SetUpShopOnline first began working with Pinnacle CTS in late 2021, their online presence consisted of a basic informational website created with a generic CMS platform. Even though the site had some content about services, it lacked in-depth educational resources and featured outdated design aesthetics. The SetUpShopOnline team went further to conduct a technical SEO audit and discovered several on-page issues that hampered visibility. These included missing page titles and descriptions, duplicate pages and heavy loading times. Also, off-page metrics were poor with few relevant backlinks and low organic search traffic.
SetUpShopOnline discovered that the Cooling Tower Industry caters to commercial customers with specialized needs, which made matters more challenging. For instance, key search queries were highly competitive with only large established players dominating rankings. SetUpShopOnline took up the challenge to ensure Pinnacle CTS differentiates and proves its expertise in a saturated market. Despite not having the same resources as compared to some of the biggest players in the industry, SetUpShopOnline knew Pinnacle CTS needed our long-term SEO approach to help the business scale up.

A Comprehensive SEO Strategy: The Key to Success

To achieve online success in a niche industry like cooling tower service and repair, SetUpShopOnline understood the importance of a multi-faceted and strategic approach. Therefore, we discussed Pinnacle CTS’s goals and challenges, and our team of seasoned professionals developed a comprehensive SEO plan tailored specifically for Pinnacle CTS. To gradually improve Pinnacle CTS’s performance, the strategy was implemented gradually through iterative updates. The key initial stages included;

  • SEO Audit and Fix: Our journey began with a thorough technical SEO audit, which includes but not limited to identifying and resolving any underlying issues that could limit the website’s performance and search engine visibility. Our audit uncovered and fixed a couple of issues such as on-page barriers like duplicate content, slow page speeds, poor metadata and more.
  • Web Site Optimization: We focused on optimizing Pinnacle CTS’s website for both search engines and users, thanks to our strong technical foundation. We employed on-page optimization techniques such as metadata enhancement, keyword integration and content optimization. All these ensured that the website provided a seamless and engaging experience for visitors.
  • Citation Optimization: Local SEO success required consistent and accurate business listings across various online directories, particularly in this digital age. SetUpShopOnline secured dozens of local business listings, maps, directories and other citations to strengthen Pinnacle CTS’s online visibility in their target areas. This ensured Pinnacle CTS’s business information was consistent and up-to-date across multiple platforms, thereby, improving their credibility and online visibility.
  • Content Marketing Strategy: At SetUpShopOnline, we recognize the power of high-quality content in not only establishing authority, but also attracting potential clients. Our content team published new articles, guides and case studies every month to boost Pinnacle CTS’s domain authority. With our talented writers, capable of producing a wealth of informative blog posts, FAQs, guides, and other resources, we were able to implement a comprehensive content marketing strategy for Pinnacle CTS. All the common pain points and questions faced by cooling tower service and maintenance customers were addressed by our effective marketing strategy.
  • LinkedIn Advertising and Optimization: LinkedIn has gradually become an indispensable platform for connecting with potential clients and showcasing expertise, particularly in the B2B realm. We embarked on a comprehensive LinkedIn strategy for Pinnacle CTS, optimizing their business page and implementing targeted advertising campaigns to reach key decision-makers and industry professionals.
  • Web Stories: To capture Pinnacle CTS’s target audience, it was important to embrace the latest trends in digital marketing. For this reason, SetUpShopOnline leveraged the power of web stories, particularly immersive stories that showcased their expertise, services, and projects, to capture the attention of Pinnacle CTS’s target audience. All the content was developed around target keywords to build domain authority. In other words, the goal was not only to enhance Pinnacle CTS’s brand but also enhance their credibility.

The SetUpShopOnline marketing and technical strategy established Pinnacle CTS as a thought leader, while at the same time resolving the technical issues at hand. Pinnacle CTS’s organic traffic and rankings began to gradually and quickly after SetUpShopOnline took over the digital marketing efforts. However, there was still more work required across multiple fronts.

Expanding Horizons: Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions

New opportunities for growth kept emerging as the partnership between Pinnacle CTS and SetUpShopOnline continued to flourish. For instance, we recognized the potential for further expanding Pinnacle CTS’s online reach and lead generation by integrating other digital marketing solutions. These include;

  • Social Media Advertising: SetUpShopOnline seized the opportunity to optimize their paid advertising efforts after recognizing the limitations of Pinnacle CTS’s previous PPC vendor. Our aim was to drive targeted, high-quality traffic to Pinnacle CTS’s website, by implementing data-driven strategies and leveraging their extensive Social Media marketing expertise that resulted in increased generation and conversions.
  • Website Design and Development: SetUpShopOnline recognizes the importance of a visually appealing and user-friendly website. For this reason, SetUpShopOnline collaborated with Pinnacle CTS to enhance their website design and functionality. Leveraging the latest technologies and best practices, our team of skilled web developers created a seamless and engaging online experience for Pinnacle CTS’s customers.
  • Link Building: SetUpShopOnline secured dozens of relevant follow backlinks from industry websites, directories and local sources referencing Pinnacle CTS’s expertise. Also our account managers grew Pinnacle CTS audiences on Social Media through regular posting of uniques and compelling content.

The Results: A Resounding Success

The collaboration between Pinnacle CTS and SetUpShopOnline has not only yielded remarkable results, grown Pinnacle CTS’s business and revenue, but also propelled Pinnacle CTS’s online presence to new heights. The cause of Pinnacle CTS’s substantial and consistent increase in online exposure, customer inquiries, and sales is attributed to SetUpShopOnline’s website optimization strategies, strategic SEO approach and integrated digital marketing solutions. With the newly revamped website, optimized search engines and user experience, Pinnacle CTS has obtained a powerful marketing tool capable of attracting engaging potential customers with its seamless navigation and compelling content. This is evident from their appreciation for the professional and informative website, and the positive reviews and testimonials that have further bolstered Pinnacle CTS’s reputation. Furthermore, Pinnacle CTS has been able to connect with a wider audience and nurture valuable leads due to the implementation of targeted PPC campaigns, Social Media advertising, and email marketing initiatives that have expanded their reach significantly.

New Growth Areas

With strong SEO fundamentals now established, SetUpShopOnline recommended scaling efforts across additional digital channels. We believe our diversified tactics will deliver rapid returns and attract new customers while reinforcing online reputation building powered by SEO and other digital marketing strategies. By showcasing services and expertise across multiple touch points, Pinnacle CTS is now and currently cementing its authority in serving the cooling tower repair industries needs.

The Future of Growth

Pinnacle CTS’s partnership with SethUpShopOnline remains ongoing, having achieved dramatic success together over the years. Our continuous optimization keeps Pinnacle CTS’s website performance at peak levels. But that’s not all, we continue researching emerging opportunities like local packaged listings, augmented reality content, and AI to help Pinnacle CTS push boundaries and maintain their competitive edge.
This case study has highlighted how an integrated, long-term SEO and digital marketing strategy can powerfully boost organic visibility, get new leads and drive new sales and increased revenue even for niche commercial services such as Cooling Tower Service, Repair and Maintenance. Pinnacle CTS was able to dramatically scale their business with targeted prospects by systematically enhancing their online presence and authority. This formula will continue to position the company for ongoing growth well into the future.
We strongly believe that our multifaceted and sustained approach paid off significantly. By the end of 2024, Pinnacle CTS will be ranked in the first pages for dozens of targeted keywords. Their monthly organic traffic will have exponentially increased, with a steady conversion of visitors to leads and new customers.


The success story of Pinnacle CTS and SetUpShopOnline serves as a testament to the transformative power of strategic digital marketing and SEO. By leveraging SetUpShopOnline’s expertise and data-driven approach, Pinnacle CTS has overcome the challenges of a saturated market and established a commanding online presence, solidifying their position as a trusted and authoritative brand in the cooling tower service and repair industry.

If you are a cooling tower service, repair, and maintenance company seeking to boost your online presence and drive business growth, consider partnering with SetUpShopOnline. Our team of experts is ready to develop a customized strategy and proven tactics that leverage the latest SEO and other marketing techniques including, content marketing, social media marketing, and performance optimization tools to help you achieve your goals.

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