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You constantly ask yourself dozens of questions, wondering about things that probably don’t even matter,  while you might be neglecting the actually important parts of your website.

Stop Wasting Your Time Trying To Create Your Website On Your Own, Or Trying To Work With 17 Year-Olds Who Just Got Done Creating Their First 2 Websites.

Creating websites is pretty easy, creating good websites is hard. There are hundreds of intricacies and details most people just don’t know about. Knowledge and tricks which take entire YEARS to discover, and to truly understand.



We know EVERYTHING about Web Development, and we’ve optimized our process to the point of perfection, just so we can provide you with the best possible websites, at a fair price. Stop Settling For Mediocrity Your business deserves a High-Performance, Professional, And Fully

Customizable Website that was built by experts with 25+ YEARS of experience under their belts.

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1/ WordPress Development Services

Get fully customized wordpress website which is optimized for
maximum performance and best user experience.

Experience with Diverse Set of Themes


As you surely know, the list of WordPress themes goes on and on. Our experts have done all kinds of custom WordPress theme design to fit a wide variety of business needs. Most prominently, we have developed high-performing platforms with the following themes:

Smart WooCommerce Integration

Turning your WordPress website into an ecommerce platform requires the right integrations. WooCommerce is a free plugin that allows you to sell virtually anything without comprising your website’s aesthetics.

If you want your WordPress website design to function as an ecommerce
store, our experts can help you do this with:

2/ Adobe Business Catalyst
Migration Services

Are you looking at moving your website, online store, or blog from Business Catalyst?

We Are Experts in

As Adobe announces the ‘End-of-Life’ for its small business CMS, Adobe Business Catalyst, we have put together a list of alternative platforms to help businesses smoothly migrate to an alternative CMS without affecting day-to-day operations.

Migration to Treepl CMS

The “BC to Treepl” app offers true one-click migration that will save you hundreds of hours of work! Migrate your email accounts quickly and securely without the need for customer passwords, webmail logins, or setting up mail server details. Simply submit a support request to Adobe, send a copy of the approved request to Treepl & OpenSRS, and the rest is done for you!

Migration to WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the best WordPress solution for online stores. It works perfectly for Adobe BC-powered e-commerce websites, too. When migrating your e-commerce website, you must properly manage products, orders, client data, and more. WordPress is our bread and butter! We have an entire team of highly experienced WordPress developers who will migrate your website without losing any of your precious data.

3/ Webflow Design and Development Services

Are you looking to create a business platform that goes beyond the confines of a “normal” website?

Is WordPress not going to cut it?



If you’re looking for a website building solution that is easy to use and gives you a good amount of customization leeway, you should consider looking into the new platform Webflow!


Webflow is a cloud-based, in-browser website builder that allows you to create responsive websites without a need for fancy coding and programming. The system automatically generates W3C standard compliant HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Why Work with  for Webflow Design and Development?

Our Webflow experts behind the scenes at  have designed and developed websites across an incredibly wide spectrum of industries. Regardless of the level of intricacy you need in your business website, you have come to the right place.


We have a highly experienced and versatile team of Webflow specialists who are equipped to handle ALL the website requirements you may need.

Content Management System (CMS)

A flashy website is nothing without great content! Creating and optimizing website content is our bread and
butter at Set Up Shop Online!

When building out your website, our team will help you every step of the way in managing the Webflow CMS.
This includes:

4/ Siteglide – Website Management & Marketing Suite



Do you need a business platform that challenges convention?

Many businesses these days are looking for smart solutions to fill the void of Adobe Business Catalyst. If you are weighing your options to find a platform capable of meeting your ever-growing needs, Siteglide should definitely be on your radar!

What is Siteglide? How Does It Work?

Siteglide is a polished Content Management System created and fine-tuned for marketers, not developers.

Siteglide combines cutting-edge marketing tools into a singular cloud platform to help businesses and agencies achieve their best, without getting lost in the weeds of technical difficulties.

Marketing Suite Feature Overview:

As a longtime partner with Active Campaign, Siteglide developed a progressive Marketing Suite on top of their core CMS feature.

The much-anticipated Marketing Suite V2 is integrated with Siteglide to give users incredible control and functionality to complete key tasks in a matter of clicks. Effectively send blog posts, product listings, reviews, and all sorts of high-value site content to a customer in seconds!

5/ Duda Design and Development Services


Break the chains of convention with a dynamic business platform!

What is Duda?

Businesses need modernized websites built to drive conversions – plain and simple.

Duda makes this an attainable reality with next-gen features and capabilities!

Why Choose for DUDA Website Management?

Duda is famously user-friendly – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to master.

Turning to a seasoned Duda expert is the key to transforming an average website into an outstanding one built to capture conversions.

White Label Services

Are you a DUDA Expert or a DUDA Design & Development Agency looking to scale your business?
Learn more about our white label services

6/ Treepl Design and Development Services

Build a next-gen business platform that brings your
operations to the next level!

What is Treepl CMS?

Treepl CMS is a frontrunner for the best website platform in the post-Adobe BC era.


Treepl CMS is the robust brainchild of the experts at Core Production and the entrepreneurs of the Adobe Business Catalyst Partners. The creators had two major goals in mind when they developed Treepl:

Why Choose for Your Treepl Website?

Building or migrating a website in Treepl CMS requires a very delicate approach. Choosing an experienced web agency to manage this process will prevent excessive downtime, wasted budget, and lost revenue.

Here’s what  brings to the table:


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