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Google is cracking down on spammers in an effort to improve user experience, and employs manual penalties and algorithmic updates in order to target and demote these manipulative sites. Unfortunately, updates can hurt legitimate businesses who were ill-informed, worked with the wrong “SEO” firms, or who felt that these tactics were the only way to stay competitive.


We have worked with many clients who found themselves in bad shape before turning to us for help. We’re here to tell you that yes, you can recover from penalties and updates, and it is possible to compete without putting yourself at risk in the future.


Why Us?

Many SEO consultants can offer advice about how to recover from a penalty or Google update, but many of them fail to understand the difference between all the various types of penalties and updates that can harm your site, including:

Neither one of these strategies is appropriate for recovery


If you fail to identify what kind of action is harming your site, your response can actually do more harm than good. Most small businesses respond to updates and penalties by:

Deleting every low quality link from their profile and submitting a reconsideration request.

Becoming paralyzed in fear about how to move forward.

We will analyze your site, your traffic, and your link profile in order to pinpoint the cause of the drop in traffic. We will identify whether it was the result of a penalty, an update, or link devaluation, all of which are different things. We will then work together with you to devise a plan for recovery so that you can meet and beat your previous levels of traffic.

Finally, our location in india sets us apart by positioning us as high quality experts available at a reasonable price. Get in touch and we’ll talk about the best way to move forward.


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