The mobile ecosystem may be crowded with apps, but it’s far from saturated. If you build a truly useful app, there is still plenty of room for you. The competition is undoubtedly high and you need to develop a high-performance app that delivers quick and consistent solutions to problems your target audience grapples with. While you’re at it, it’s a good idea to solve these problems keeping your app looking beautiful and working like a charm. Your app must have a spectacular user interface (UI) and impressive user experience (UX). So much so that a sub-par UI may be the reason your app could be rejected by app stores.


A good UI is the key to an app’s success. Steve Jobs famously said,


Design is not just what it looks like or feels like,
design is how it works


and we couldn’t agree more. An app with a good design doesn’t just mean an app that looks good but really, an app that delivers the results it promises in a smooth, seamless manner, guiding the user from one step to another with ease and reaching the destination, be it a sale, conversion, sign-up or download, without overwhelming the user.

Apps that overwhelm users with puzzling navigation, cognitive overload and unfriendly design are less likely to stand out in the crowd. Localytics reports that 23% apps get used only once. This means that one in every four apps is being uninstalled after single use. An abandonment rate this high indicates that mobile app design and UI need to improve by leaps and bounds.


If you are contemplating building an app for your business, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a detailed dossier of all the mobile app design principles and best practices you can follow to make your app deliver the sleekest, most efficient user experience, and keep them coming back every time they need a service you offer.


Seamless On-boarding

A good on-boarding workflow is essentially a user’s first impression of your app and lays the stonework for app adoption.

When done well, a good on-boarding flow establishes a strong relationship between users and your app. The idea is to

quickly get them tostart using your app and seeing its benefits.

Here are some on-boarding best practices that will significantly
boost engagement and adoption.



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