• Hybrid App puts a mobile app within reach of every business irrespective of its budget.

  • Our expertise on Hybrid App allows us to easily create apps with commonly used technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. The biggest benefit of the Hybrid App framework is that it reduces development time and helps businesses get their hands on full-featured cross-platform compatible apps well within their budget.

  • At setup shop online, our developers are experts in helping clients maximize the benefits offered by the Hybrid App open source development framework. Our team of developers loves working with Hybrid App and optimizes its potential to the fullest.

  • setup shop online’s Hybrid App development expertise guarantees apps that are affordable, custom-built and have the kind of functionality that powers business growth. We make sure our Hybrid App deliver sustainable long term results for clients, ensuring they get every ounce of benefit they are looking for, from their mobile app.

Hybrid App

that can be Deployed Across
All Popular Mobile Platforms


Hybrid App that can be Deployed Across

All Popular Mobile Platforms


Hybrid App

Hybrid App is a development framework that works on the ‘build once, work everywhere’ concept. If you want an app that works on multiple platforms but don’t have the budget to build a separate app for each platform, a Hybrid App is a great choice.

  • Single code base for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Mobile Web.

  • Apps that support device specific features and native functionality.

  • Low development costs and quick turnaround leads to high ROI.

  • A framework that is continuously evolving to meet user needs.

  • Reach out to a wider audience without spending a fortune.




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