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Are you looking at moving your website, online store, or blog from Business Catalyst?


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The end of Adobe Business Catalyst is around the corner.
Few have made solid plans for their journey into a post-BC era.


Following a widespread outcry, Adobe was forced to extend their original plans for the shutdown of CMS services for BC partners. The current deadline to complete migrations is March 26th, 2020.

Many tech experts, and even Adobe, are advising partners to migrate their data and websites to new services as soon as possible.

Selecting the right web hosting platform is rarely easy. Whether you were using Business Catalyst as a base for your own site or as a web platform for your clients, choosing your new partner is a VERY important decision.

The security, functionality, and features offered by your new web hosting and CMS provider must surpass those provided by BC if you want to see continued growth within your industry.


Our BC Migration Process

1.Review/audit your website

2.Recommend features that
can and cannot be migrated

3.Start work once the
quote is approved

4.Provide quote for the work
to be done

5.Implement testing
and feedback

6.Optimize website loading

7.Deploy the website to
main domain

We Are Experts in

As Adobe announces the ‘End-of-Life’ for its small business CMS, Adobe Business Catalyst, we have put together
a list of alternative platforms to help businesses smoothly migrate to an alternative CMS without affecting
day-to-day operations.

Migration to Treepl CMS

The “BC to Treepl” app offers true one-click migration that will save you hundreds of
hours of work! Migrate your email accounts quickly and securely without the need
for customer passwords, webmail logins, or setting up mail server details. Simply
submit a support request to Adobe, send a copy of the approved request to Treepl &
OpenSRS, and the rest is done for you!

Migration to Siteglide

By using Siteglide, we can fully reap the benefits of BC and understand why it is the first
-choice solution for most website owners and companies. By identifying the
most used BC features, we’ve been able to develop our own enhanced versions,
which can provide you with better end results when compared to BC functionality.

Migration to WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the market, and for good reason!
With an almost unlimited selection of WordPress themes and plugins, as well as a
large community of users, you can’t go wrong with migrating your Business Catalyst
website to WordPress!

Migration to WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the best WordPress solution for online stores. It works perfectly for Adobe BC-powered e-commerce websites, too. When migrating your e-commerce website, you must properly manage products, orders, client data, and more.

WordPress is our bread and butter! We have an entire team of highly
experienced WordPress developers who will migrate your website without losing
any of your precious data.

Migration to Duda

Duda is a software suite used for creating optimized websites, primarily by small
and medium-sized businesses. It offers responsive website and mobile
builders, with the flexibility to access scads of cutting-edge web design tools.

Migration to Shopify

Are you looking to move your BC store to Shopify’s modern e-commerce
platform? We can help you get this done!

We’ve migrated TONS of Business Catalyst stores to Shopify and will assist
with ALL your migration needs.

Migration to Webflow

Webflow is an easy-to-use web-based platform that we love working with! It allows
users to design visually-appealing and stunning responsive websites.
Webflow has a feature very similar to BC’s WebApps, only it is more powerful and
simpler to manage.

Webflow even provides a portal for you to manage all your project and client
sites. By choosing Webflow, you can enable client billing and markup the hosting rates,
as well as brand the control panel with your own name and logo.

Schedule a free consultation so we can demonstrate the power of Webflow for you!



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