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Do you need a business platform that challenges convention?

Many businesses these days are looking for smart solutions to fill the void of Adobe Business Catalyst. If you are weighing your options to find a platform capable of meeting your ever-growing needs, Siteglide should definitely be on your radar!

What is Siteglide? How Does It Work?

Siteglide is a polished Content Management System created and fine-tuned for marketers, not developers.


Siteglide combines cutting-edge marketing tools into a singular cloud platform to help businesses and agencies achieve their best, without getting lost in the weeds of technical difficulties.


Here are the primary components Siteglide covers:

CMS – Create, Edit, Publish

Easily create, edit, and publish webpages, blog posts, and powerful WebApps.

Analytics – Custom Dashboards

Analyze marketing reports under a microscope to promote short/long-term growth.

CRM – GDPR Compliant

Utilize simplistic, yet incredibly
effective contact management.

Marketing – Manage Campaigns

Seamlessly manage landing pages
and maximize marketing efforts.

Why Choose Sliteglide As Your CMS?

Siteglide is perfect for website managers who are marketers at heart.


But what exactly is it that makes this platform so appealing?There are several key Siteglide components that businesses across the board are raving about.

The Simplicity

  • Site managers edit content, not code!

  • One login for ALL the tools you need.

  • No technical background needed to get the ball rolling!

  • No complicated troubleshooting.

The Reliability

  • Built-in Amazon Web Services (AWS)!

  • Quick, secure, and dependable platform.

  • GDPR Compliance

  • No complicated updates or plugins!

The Support

  • Extensive Agency Network

  • Dedicated Team in the United Kingdom

  • 100% Hosted and Managed by Siteglide

  • Siteglide team handles ALL the technical challenges!

Siteglide CMS Feature Overview:

The robust Siteglide CMS enables you to easily create and manage unrestricted web pages – no matter how big or complex they may be!


The CMS is excluded from the website by removing limitations and dependencies, a powerful trend in content management we are increasingly witnessing. Siteglide CMS software was developed for Web 3.0 and can be adapted for the modern web to effectively replace your Adobe Business Catalyst site.


If you are looking for a flexible, user-friendly CMS, look no further than Siteglide!


Siteglide CMS Features


Siteglide is designed to function effectively on any device. ALL layouts are fully responsive from the get go!

SEO Ready

All the paramount Search Engine Optimization tools are built directly into the core of Siteglide, exactly where you need them!

SSL Secure

All Siteglide websites come with a FREE SSL certificate to keep you and your visitors safe!

AWS Hosting

Siteglide sites are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) – the industry standard for security, speed, and dependability.

Visual Editor

Simplify your content management process for all marketing efforts.

Page Builder

Quickly build innovative content based on well-defined layouts and structures.

Blog & News

Take advantage of all the necessary blogging tools to create killer content and seamlessly integrate it with your website.

WebApp Builder

Build comprehensive databases with ZERO technical expertise. Simply point and click to create fields and insert the data.

Site Settings

Manage your global site details and updates in one place across your entire account. Take complete control over your website!


Customize forms and harmoniously integrate them with your marketing efforts and automated processes.


Simplify navigation for your visitors and choose which pages show up, as well as how they appear!

File Manager

Manage ALL content assets on a unified platform – including images, PDFs, videos, and more.

Code Editor

Get in the driver’s seat and customize responsive layouts, or create your own from scratch!

RSS Feeds

Stay on top of your database to keep ALL stakeholders updated on new content items, whatever they might be.

Google Analytics

Easily integrate your Siteglide platform with Google Analytics to keep tabs on your data and marketing efforts.

Marketing Suite Feature Overview:


As a longtime partner with Active Campaign, Siteglide developed a progressive Marketing Suite on top of their core CMS feature.


The much-anticipated Marketing Suite V2 is integrated with Siteglide to give users incredible control and functionality to complete key tasks in a matter of clicks. Effectively send blog posts, product listings, reviews, and all sorts of high-value site content to a customer in seconds!

Features of V1 Active Campaign Integration:

Landing Pages:


Create an automated lead generation strategy with powerful landing pages to grab those precious conversions.

Contact Manager:


Manage your contacts with the user-friendly CRM at the center of your marketing, sales, and support processes.

Campaign Builder:


Seamlessly merge your landing pages, lists, forms, and emails to manage campaigns in a single dashboard.

Mailing Lists:


Wisely segment your customer database and manage lists for all marketing campaigns.

Data Capture Forms:


Capture valuable customer data with GDPR-compliant forms that integrate with your Contact Manager automatically.



Create “right-place-right-time” triggers and actions to automate your marketing strategies and boost engagement.

Email Campaigns:


Use the simple drag-and-drop email builder to put exhaustive campaigns together in a matter of minutes.



Unify your sales offerings, promotions, and support services in a single interface!


Why Choose for
Siteglide Website Management?

Marketing is the bread and butter of what we do here at .
Managing business platforms on Siteglide is a breeze for us because we know exactly what marketers need and where they need it.


Due to the fact that our development and marketing teams work closely, and Siteglide are a match made in heaven!




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