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Copywriting is the subtle – but captivating – form of salesmanship that brings your brand to life.

A creative copywriter is instrumental in your ability to reach customers, connect with them, and encourage them to take action. There is no such thing as cookie-cutters or templates in copywriting – if there is, we don’t use them!

Set Up Shop Online’s professional copywriters boast a strong combination of creativity, SEO skills, and a vast understanding of different media. Whether you need website copy, marketing material, product pages, or anything else that involves cleverness in the English language – we’re your people!




The purpose of copywriting is to sell.
Copy is concise with short-term goals of big returns.
This includes webpages, landing pages, sales emails, video scripts, and more.

Content Writing


The purpose of content writing is to educate. Content is
comprehensive with long-term goals of building trust and
showcasing expertise. This includes blog posts, guides,
white papers, eBooks, and more.


Copywriting and content writing require two particular sets of skills – and we’ve got them both!

 Copywriting Services

Website Copywriting

Copy is the spice that makes your website valuable – without it, all you’ve got is a bunch of colors and images!

Website copywriting is one of our core solutions. Our veteran team of native-speaking website copywriters go the extra mile to understand your brand, values, customers, and industry to communicate your unique “WOW” factor.


Marketing Copywriting

Marketing and sales copy come in many different forms. Whether you need email marketing, flyers, advertising, or brochure copy, the goal is to make a lasting impact.

Whatever medium you need, Set Up Shop Online’s roster of expert copywriters will help you sell! We use an array of tactics to tap into the psychology of your customers and provide the answers they need – in the best way possible.


Video Script Writing

Video is the future of marketing – and a good script is the foundation of how you utilize it!

The goal of video is to influence. Our team will work closely with you to leverage copy to captivate viewers on an emotional level. No matter what the message is, we’ll make sure it shines through perfectly in your brand videos!

Learn more about our video script writing services.


E-commerce Copywriting

E-commerce copywriting is a complicated art – with many moving parts.

Whether it’s webpages or product/category pages, the goal of e-commerce copy is to educate, promote, and answer questions in a way that motivates people to click “buy”. Our versatile team of e-commerce copywriters will ensure your online store reflects a cohesive brand voice and a sales-focused SEO plan.


Why Hire Copywriting Services


copywriting division is not your average one-trick pony. Each piece of copy – no matter the medium – is produced with a cohesive effort between writers, editors, content strategists, and SEO specialists.


We don’t just write to impress – we create thought-provoking copy that attracts, piques interest, and sparks action. When you useprofessional copywriting services, you get the whole marketing package under one roof!

Copywriting Process

Getting to Know You!

At the end of the day, copywriting isn’t about businesses – it’s about people. All  copywriting projects start with a friendly conversation. We want to fully understand your goals and personality to create the perfect copy for you – and only you.

The Brief

Our battle-tested copywriting brief lays the blueprint for each project. This 15-point questionnaire is designed to help us understand your brand personality, values, challenges, customers, and how we can create the copy in a way that produces results!

The Barebones

At we don’t take shots in the dark. Each piece of copy starts with a clear outline tailored for SEO and user engagement. Once we have your blessing on the content structure, we will begin drafting the copy.

Writing the Copy

Once we have all pre-emptive steps in order, the professional copywriter assigned to your project will do what they do best! Each and every word is used to naturally reflect your brand voice, add a sense of uniqueness to your messaging, and light a fire under your customers.


Copywriting is very much a team effort at  – the more eyes on a piece of copy, the better! Each piece of content is thoroughly vetted by our senior editors and SEO specialists before it reaches your desk.

Client Transparency

Client transparency is a big part of our copywriting process. We want to be 1000% sure we’re creating copy you can be proud of. In the early stages of the project, we’ll be in close communication to ensure we are hitting the nail on the head with every word – then it’s smooth sailing!


Tweaks and adjustments are a part of every copywriting process. We allow two revisions for each piece of content. Our writers and editors are always happy to jump on a call and discuss revisions in detail. We’re not happy until you are!

High Fives

Once we’re all stoked with the finished product and the project is complete, it’s time to sit back and appreciate a job well done!

Best Copywriting Practices we follow

  • No Plagiarism – All copy is 100% unique.

  • Structure – We start with detailed outlines for SEO and user engagement.

  • Customer Profile – We take the time to understand your intended audience

    down to the smallest detail.

  • Genuine Tone – We write in a conversational manner that reflects your brand.

  • Jargon – We only use jargon when absolutely necessary (but we don’t like to).

  • SEO – Our copy is designed to help you appear in search results.

  • Clear Call-to-Action – Content is written to encourage user action.


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