Agile provides opportunities to assess the


The Project Development Cycle


Product Owner

Project Owner along with the other stake holders of the project come together and create project task. Our development team gets involved with them to understand the task and check with them the priority of task.

Product Backlog

The Product Backlog is a prioritized list of tasks that needs to be done in a project based on the client’s requirements and roadmap. Our development team gets the list prioritized by the product owner at the beginning of the project. As we proceed with the project, new items are added to the list and prioritized.


Sprint Planning

Our Scrum Master defines the Sprint Goal. They define what the sprint will attempt to achieve, team capacity and sprint backlog.

Sprint Backlog

Ideally, a work or task is selected from the Product Backlog into the Sprint Backlog. We pull the work or task from the top of the Product Backlog based on what we can complete in the coming Sprint.


Daily Stand UP meeting

For each day of a Sprint, our team holds a daily meeting or “Daily Scrum.” During these meetings, we discuss the implementation of the tasks, potential problems and the ways to solve them.


Sprint Review

Every Sprint results in a Product Demonstration. Our Scrum team creates a review and demonstrates the outcome of their work. Based on this, our stakeholders decide the changes in the project.

Finished Work

At the end of each sprint, client is able to get hands on working demo of the product. Our goal is to test as much as possible throughout the release, deferring very little to the end. This means delivery teams deliver verified and technically excellent features each sprint. Until they are perfect at this, they have work they can do to improve.


Sprint Retrospective

The main aim of Retrospective is to discuss the results and define the ways to improve the development process before proceeding further. We use the information collected during these steps to improve the next Sprint results. Overall, this helps us optimize the development process in the best possible manner.

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