How SetUpShopOnline Helped Cooling Tower Service companies Grow Their Business with SEO

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How SetUpShopOnline Helped Cooling Tower Service companies Grow Their Business with SEO

Cooling Tower Service is a specialized and niche service that requires a high level of expertise and experience. However, many Cooling Tower Service companies struggle to attract new customers and generate leads online, due to the competitive and saturated market.

That’s why a leading Cooling Tower Service and Repair company in the northeast decided to partner with SetUpShopOnline, a digital marketing and app development agency that helps businesses get new leads from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines with SEO services, build and optimize their websites and online stores with web development, and cut costs and accelerate growth by leveraging cutting edge technologies, including AI, to reduce costs and increase revenue with automation and transformation of their business processes. SetUpShopOnline notably helped this company to optimize their website, significantly elevated their rank higher on Google for relevant keywords, and appreciably increased their online visibility and credibility.

Here are some of the benefits that SetUpShopOnline provided to this Cooling Tower Service company:

• A customized and responsive website design that showcases their services, portfolio, and testimonials. SetUpShopOnline used the best from its 170+ website development team to create a website that matches the brand identity and value proposition of their company. The website also adapts to different devices and browsers, ensuring a smooth and consistent user experience.

• A comprehensive and strategic SEO plan that targets the right audience and keywords. SetUpShopOnline used its most experienced and elite members of the SEO team to analyze the search volume, competition, and intent of various keywords related to cooling tower service and maintenance. It then optimized the website’s content, titles, meta descriptions, headings, and images with these keywords, as well as created internal and external links. This helped the website rank higher on Google and drive more organic traffic.

• A content marketing strategy that educates and engages potential customers. SetUpShopOnline used its talented content creation writers to produce high-quality and relevant blog posts, FAQs, guides, and other content that answer the common questions and pain points of cooling tower service and maintenance customers. This helped the website establish its authority, build trust, and generate leads.

• A performance tracking and improvement system that measures and enhances the website’s results. SetUpShopOnline used its analytics and reporting tool to monitor the website’s rankings, traffic, and conversions for each keyword and page. It also provided SEO tips and recommendations, and identified and fixed any issues that might affect the website’s SEO.

Thanks to SetUpShopOnline, this cooling tower service company was able to create and grow their business with our SEO services. They reported an substantial and increasing growth in their online exposure, customer inquiries, and sales. They also received positive feedback, reviews, and testimonials from their existing customers, who appreciated their professional and informative website.

If you are a Cooling Tower Service and Maintenance company that wants to boost your online presence and business, you can sign up for a Zoom 15 Minute Intro with SetUpShopOnline today to get an initial strategy and consultation on us. Once a customer, you will always get access to our 24/7 support team, who can help you with any questions or issues you might have along the way. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your website into a powerful marketing tool.

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