SetupShopOnline Offers A Great Variety Of Professional, High-Quality, And Guaranteed Services, All Of Which Have ONLY 1 Goal…


To Help Your Business SUCCEED, THRIVE, And Make As Much Money As Possible, While Delighting As Many Customers As Possible!

Do You Need More Customers? Do You Want A Better Website? Do you need help with your e-commerce store?  Are You Looking To Create An App For Your Business? The List Goes On…
Being a business owner requires you to do and know many things, SetupShopOnline is the place where you’ll be able to go ANYTIME you need ANYTHING done for your business.




You’ll always know that we have what you need, and that we’ll provide you with only The Highest Quality Of Service.

Our company can help your business in many ways, in fact, here are all of them:

  •  Application Development

  •  Digital Marketing

  •  Web Development and Web Design

  •  E-Commerce

  •  Strategy

  •  Domains, Hosting, Security, and more…

We Know What You Might Be Thinking…
“You Offer So Many Different Services, How Exactly Can You Offer A Professional, High-Quality, And Outstanding Job For ALL Of Them?”
Well, this was our plan from the very start. To offer every single service a business would need, at the highest possible level.
And in order to achieve that, we needed A LOT  of staff.



  • Our Marketing Professionals AREN’T our App Developers.
  • Our Designers AREN’T our E-Commerce Masterminds.
  • Our Website Developers AREN’T our Extremely Talented Writers.
  • And the list goes on…


We Have A Different, Specific, And Highly-Trained Team For Every Single Service We Offer.
That’s why we can provide our customers with so many services, all of them at the highest level of experience and expertise.


Do You Want To Take Your Business To The Next Level And Start Working With A Company Which Can Help Your Business In Every Single Way Imaginable?


Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?  Start Working ON Your Business, Not IN Your Business!

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 1 Application Development

setup shop online is riding the cusp of the mobile revolution to come up with mobile apps that not only help clients break into markets but also create new ones. We make use of the latest versions of mobile OS to create apps that are eagerly adopted by their target audience. Our apps hold user attention and don’t let it go. Our integrated approach towards app development guarantees apps that play a transformational role in how businesses function and reach out to their customers.

iPhone App

iPhone is arguably one of the best smartphones available on the market. setup shop online creates apps that are worthy of Apple’s flagship device. Our proficiency includes the entire spectrum of Mac-exclusive technologies. We use them to make exquisitely designed apps with excellent functionality worthy of the latest iOS.

Android App

We aren’t given to beating our drums, but it must be said that the Android app developers at setup shop onlineare as capable as they come. Our apps built on Android OS have helped clients achieve their business objectives and in most cases have surpassed their expectations. It goes without saying if you are looking for an Android app, we are your best choice.


We focus on building high performance and robust web applications with a unified user experience; your users will not realize they are not using native apps. setup shop online uses only the latest technology stack such as AngularJS, Node.JS, and LAMP stack to build web apps that deliver high ROI.

React Native

Our developers use commonly used web technologies to build cross-platform compatible apps using React Native, PhoneGap, and Iconic. Hybrid apps can be developed faster and can run across diverse platforms using a single source code. These apps are a great idea for businesses who do not want to invest a lot of money into mobile app development.

2 Digital Marketing

Don’t Ignore Your Most Crucial Channel

44% of web traffic comes from Google. Only 26% comes from Facebook.

Searchers buy products at a rate of 3.04%. Social media traffic converts only 1.81%.

Google processes 40,000 searches a second, 3.5 billion a day, and 2 trillion a year.

Fifteen percent of product searches start with Google, more than any source besides Amazon. If you want people to find you, they expect you in the search results. Don’t disappoint them.

Leverage The Power of
Cumulative Growth

No traffic source performs better on cost per acquisition or ROI than organic search, because it is one of the few special channels that continues to send traffic over the long term.

By investing in your monthly revenue instead of this month’s revenue, you fundamentally transform your position in the search engine.

Use Professional SEO To
Take Things To The Next Level

Digital marketing that fails to properly incorporate SEO will not earn search traffic in the same way as marketing strategies employed by professionals who understand both branding and search engines.

Earning search engine traffic requires a fusion of extensive technical knowledge, advanced keyword research, skilled copywriting, inbound marketing skills, outreach professionals, and more.

3  E-Commerce



Do You Have a Great Idea in the Works for Selling Products Online? Go for Shopify!

Shopify is a premier ecommerce solution that enables you to build out a
dazzling online store with ease. The versatile platform is equipped with a
wide range of themes that you can customize, organize your product
listings, accept over 100 payment gateways, support the very best SEO
practices, and track all your orders from start to finish.

Why Shopify?

Shopify makes it a point to be the gold standard of ecommerce. The platform has a superior focus to the latest trends in areas like mobile shopping and social commerce. In terms of developing a ‘future proof’ online store, this is likely why over 600,000 active online businesses choose to be hosted by Shopify.

PSD to Shopify/Custom Design and Development

Our seasoned design team will work closely with you to conceptualize the perfect Shopify customization solution that bridges the gap between visual appeal and user-friendliness. On the backend, our Shopify developers will help you with pixel-perfect coding and programming.


Additionally, our approach aims to go beyond just building prosperous online stores. Our experts make it a point to educate clients with Shopify Basic tutorials and how to navigate Shopify Theme Settings.

If you have made the smart decision to launch or relaunch your ecommerce site with Shopify, get in contact with us today and we will start the process of getting your store up and running!

4 Strategy

IT/Server Support & Maintenance Services

The importance of IT server support and maintenance services has never been more vital to an Internet-based business’s survival than it is today.

 offers a versatile set of IT Server support and services, including:



IT Server Consulting Services

Implementing a bulletproof IT support system is not a one-off project. In fact, it’s not even half the battle. IT needs to be viewed as an ongoing process that is constantly examining and refining itself.



Our team specializes in finding optimal ways to streamline IT strategy creation and making sure the best practices are engrained in day-to-day operations. ’s IT consulting process involves:

Cloud Solution Services

There is simply no arguing about the sheer power and necessity of the cloud these days. At , we offer a number of forward-looking cloud services meant to help you boost IT efficiency while reducing overhead.
We understand that every business has its own unique set of requirements for the cloud. Our approach starts by thoroughly measuring your business’s needs and finding the most ideal and cost-effective solution. These services include:

 5 Domains, Hosting, Security, and more…

Each and every domain name comes with all you need to get online.

Domain Forwarding and Masking:  Direct any domain name you own to your website. Anyone who types that domain name into their browser is taken directly to your website.

Domain Locking: Domain locking prevents accidental or intentional transfers of domain ownership and stops anyone from redirecting your nameservers.

Total DNS Control: Manage your domain nameserver (DNS) records and set your email, FTP, sub-domains and website location all from one

control panel.

Change of Registration: Assign your domain name to someone else or change the contacts for your domain online anytime.

Status Alerts: Monitor the status of your domain and get instant alerts if there’s been a change.

Auto Renew Protection: No need to watch expiration dates to make sure you renew on time! Auto renew keeps your domains, hosting, website builders, and other products in your name and under your control.

Do You Want To Take Your Business To The Next Level And Start Working With A Company Which Can Help Your Business In Every Single Way Imaginable?

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?  Start Working ON Your Business, Not IN Your Business!

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